Search the VT directory from your phone

Searching the Directory

Members of the Directory

The directory only contains individuals that have an Avaya phone and whose information has been put in the Avaya system. For this reason, certain names might not appear in directory search results.

  1. Press the Phone button to view your first page of call appearances.
  2. Scroll down to the third page of call appearances by pressing the Down Arrow of the navigation wheel twice.
  3. Press the Directory call appearance button.
  4. Use the dial pad to search for the last name of the person for which you are searching. Enter a letter by pressing the dial pad button that has the letters you want to add labeled across its top. Note that you do not need to scroll through letters: you only need to dial out the user's name (e.g., to search for "Lincoln", you would press 5468656). As you input letters, the closest matches in the directory listing will be displayed.

    Searching a Full Name in the Directory

    If you want to find someone by first and last last name, then dial the last name, then dial a 1 to insert a comma, and then dial the first name (e.g., to search for "Lincoln,Abe", dial 54686561223).

  5. If the person returned from the directory search has an alternate number or if the individual has the correct surname but the wrong first name, then press the Next call appearance button to scroll through any alternate numbers or other people with the same surname.
  6. To call the number returned from the directory search, press the Make Call call apperance button.