Using Avaya IX Workplace for iPad

Presence, video calls, and more

Don't Call 911 from this client

Do not make calls to 911 using this softphone client as responders will be unable to determine your location.

For best audio quality...

  • Don't depend on your built-in laptop microphone for making calls. Instead, use a dedicated headset.
  • Using 3G/4G for internet access or running bandwidth-intensive programs (such as a movie-streaming service) can result in poor audio quality.

Adding a Contact from the Directory

  1. Click the Contacts button.
  2. From the contacts drop-down list, select Search Enterprise Directory.
  3. Type the name of the person you want to add as a contact.
  4. From the search results, select the person you want to add.
  5. Tap the + button.
  6. Tap the Add to Contacts button.
  7. To see your newly added contact, from the Enterprise drop-down list, select All Contacts.

Deleting a Contact

  1. While viewing your contacts, pull up the entry you want to delete.
  2. Tap the X button.
  3. Tap the Remove button.

Presence indicates availability through icons and messages displayed in your and your contacts' entries.

Presence Status

Presence is only available for contacts you have added and favorited using their Avaya directory entry. See the Add Contacts tab for information.

Presence Status Icon

To set your presence status:

  1. In the top left corner, tap the green check or other presence icon to the left of your extension.
  2. From the list, select your availability status.
  3. You will see the icon change by your name, which will indicate your presence status to others.

Presence Messages

To set up a presence message:

  1. In the "What are you up to?" text box, type a message for your presence status (e.g., Out to lunch).
  2. Press the Done key on your onscreen keyboard to save the message.

To clear the presence message:

  1. Tap the presence icon to the left of your extension
  2. To the right of the text box displaying your current status, tap the X icon.
  3. Tap the Done key on your onscreen keyboard to clear the message.

To make calls you will type the number you want to dial.

  1. Tap the Phone icon at the bottom left of the spotlight.
  2. Use the dialpad to dial the number you want to call.
    • Internal to Virginia Tech: Type the five-digit extension (e.g., 10123 or 20123).
    • External to Virginia Tech (not long distance): Precede the phone number with 9 (e.g., 91234567).
    • External and Long Distance to Virginia Tech: Type 9, then 1, and then the ten-digit phone number (e.g., 915401234567).
  3. When you have entered the number you want to call, tap the green Phone button.

To make a video call, the other caller must also have a softphone that supports video calling.

Make a Video Call

  • Initiate a Video Call:
    1. Tap the Camera icon at the bottom left of the spotlight.
    2. Dial the number of the person you want to video call.
    3. When the other caller answers, they will need to unmute their video on their softphone client (this will vary depending on the client).
  • Answer a Video Call: When you receive an incoming call, you can tap the Answer Video Call button. Both parties will need to unmute their video on their softphone client.
  • When making a video call, the other caller will not transmit video until they turn off video mute/unpause the video.
  • Video Call Options

    When on a video call there will be a row of buttons that will allow you to manage the video call.

    • Transition to Audio Call: This will stop video transmission so that the call is audio only.
    • Dial Pad: Used to view the dial pad while on a call.
    • Wrench icon: Tap to show a slider that can be used to toggle the display of your camera feed to yourself (shown in the bottom left corner).
    • Minimize icon: Tap to minimize the video window. You can reopen the video window by tapping the Camera icon under the spotlight.
    • Fullscreen icon: Tap to make the video call fullscreen. Tap this icon again to return to the windowed view.
    • Video Mute: Video mute prevents your video from being transmitted, but allows you to still see the other caller.
    • Mute Audio: Audio mute prevents your audio from being transmitted, but allows you to hear the other caller.
    • Hold: Hold is a toggle that prevents both video and audio from being transmitted.
    • Hang Up: Tap to completely end the call.

    An unread voicemail is indicated by an illuminated red light in the top-right corner of the softphone client.

    This light will dim when you listen to the voicemail on your deskphone or when your email client reads the email containing the voicemail.

    To check your voicemail, call the number for your region.

    • Blacksburg: 540-231-1000
    • National Capital Region (VTRCA, NVC, LCI, EMC): 703-538-3740
    • Richmond: 804-643-1326

    To enter your password when checking voicemail, display the dialpad and tap the correct combination for your voicemail password:

    1. Tap the Dialpad button.
    2. Use the dialpad to enter your voicemail password and tap the # button to submit your password.

    Call history doesn't show deskphone history

    The call history only displays entries of ingoing, outgoing, or missed calls from/to your softphone. It does not include call history from your deskphone.

    To view the call history:

    1. Tap the Recent Calls icon . When there is a missed call, the number of unviewed missed calls will display next to the icon .
    2. You can view certain types of calls in your log by tapping the appropriate icon for the type of calls you want to view.
      • To view all calls, tap the clock icon.
      • To view missed calls, tap the red X icon.
      • To view incoming calls, tap the downward arrow icon.
      • To view outgoing calls, tap the upward arrow icon.
    3. If you want to view history of only voice calls or only video calls, then tap the All Calls drop-down list.

    Viewing the dialpad is useful if you need to enter your voicemail password.

    To view the dialpad, tap the Dialpad button.