Call Forwarding

Send incoming calls to a different phone number


This feature is a toggle (meaning it is set to a state of disabled or enabled), so you need to remember to disable it once you want to receive incoming calls again.

When enabled, this feature will display a check mark next to Call Forward and display the number being forwarded to. If the feature is diabled, the check box next to Call Forward will be cleared.

  1. Press the Phone button.
  2. Press the right arrow of the navigation wheel to view the Feature List.
  3. Press the down arrow of the navigation wheel to highlight Call Forward.
  4. Press the Select softkey.
  5. Use the dial pad to enter the number to which you want to forward incoming calls and press the Enter softkey.
  6. When you want to disable call forwarding, repeat the above steps 1-3 and press the Select softkey.