Enhance your on-the-go communication

The mobility package must be purchased. It includes softphones, Presence, seamless transitioning between your deskphone and mobile phone using Extend to Cellular (EC500), and more. Note that this package will change your deskphone's appearance, and add another password, referred to as your Unified Communications password, which is used for logging on to your softphone or logging in to your deskphone if it's locked out. Once you make the switch, be sure to view the Deskphone instructions for the mobility package. Here is a brief overview of what's included:

Softphone clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

With Presence, set your availability and check the availability of others.

EC500/Extend Call let you seamlessly answer or transfer calls to your mobile phone.

You'll have a UC password that will be used for logging into your softphone and your deskphone.