Personal Attendant

Allow callers to press 0 at voicemail to speak to a designated operator

How the Personal Attendant Feature Works

When a call is not answered and goes to voicemail, enabling the personal attendant option allows the caller to press "0" if they do not want to leave a message and instead talk to an operator or other "live" person. There is no system greeting that makes the caller aware of this option, so you must record your personal greeting and append "If you would like to speak to someone immediately, please press zero and someone will be with you in a moment" to the end of the greeting.

Using the Personal Attendant Feature

To use this feature you must:

  • Request the feature to be enabled by sending an email to
  • Create a personal voicemail greeting instructing the caller to press 0 to reach an operator. For instructions on setting a personal greeting, see the Greetings page.