Unified Messaging

Receive voicemail messages as attachments to emails

With Unified Messaging, whenever you receive a new voicemail, you'll be sent an email with an attached audio file containing the voicemail. Setting up Unified Messaging is the same as adding a new account to your email client. Select your client below for instructions.

Email address:

Blacksburg campus:
[Your five-digit phone extension]@voicemail.uc.vt.edu

National Captial Region:
[Your five-digit phone extension]@voicemail.ncr.vt.edu

Protocol: IMAP
Incoming server:

Blacksburg campus:
voicemail.uc.vt.edu (using SSL on port 993)

National Capital Region:
voicemail.ncr.vt.edu (using SSL on port 993)

Outgoing server: X (not to be used for this service)
Username: Your five-digit extension
Password: The password you created when you set up your UC voicemail account.